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Term 2 Week 6 – Patterns in Nature – Part 2

During the sixth week of the second term we continued looking at patterns created by nature.

We developed the insect topic even further and as promised I spoke to the children about some insect facts.

They were fascinated how insects feel and smell with their whole body especially with their feet and that they don’t have a nose.  This sweet video clip sums up the most common facts about insects and which the children watched in class.

As part of the topic the children created lady birds and bees which are buzzing away in our garden on the opposite wall outside our classroom door.

This craft linked us to number two as whilst creating them they counted two spots, two eyes, two strips and so forth.

They also created their own little wasps and butterflies by decorating crafts sticks with a pattern of their choice and also gave them a pair of wings which they brightened up with spot, strips and swirls using their markers.  Here are some of their creations.

You will find the topic work linked in both the literacy and the numeracy blogs.


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