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Term 2 Week 5 – Patterns in Nature – Part 1

We started off our fifth week with a story called, The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr.

This story linked us to both topic works: patterns in nature because of the tiger strips as well as to the letter of the day, t for tiger.

Besides discussing the story we worked on picture story sequencing where the children tried to remember what comes next in the story by looking at various pictures.

The children created two crafts with this topic first they painted a tiger mask using some orange paint and a tissue and then they recreated the strips that we see on the tiger’s body.


Using this topic helped us link to one of the letters we wrote this week letter t.

Besides working with patterns found on animals we also started talking about insects and the pattern we find on their bodies.  The children watched a story called The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle.

They learnt that insects have 6 legs.  Such insects could be the butterfly, the ladybird, the bee and the beetle amongst others.  The children started creating a wall collage which we will continue during next week.

The first thing they created was a ladybird using paper plates and paint.  We left them hanging in class to dry up, by next week they should be up on the wall outside our classroom.


Next week we will also talk about some interesting facts which belong to insects alone.

This topic linked us to the next letter we started writing this week letter i for insect.  More details in the literacy blog.


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