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Forecast For Week 5

Forecast For Week 5

Dear parents and guardians,

As you all know we have already started writing our numbers.  So far we have written numbers 1,4,7,9,0 and 6 in this specific order. Although such a venture is exciting for the young ones at times it can be daunting too.

They may find the formation of some numbers more difficult than others such as the number 6.  It would help increase their confidence if you follow the numbers which we do in class using the same formation so they do not get mixed up.

Just give them a blank piece of paper and repeat the way we say it in class or even the numbers on dotted lines.


The numbers we are going to do in the coming week are numbers 9 and 2.  Below is the number 2 formation.


During this week we are going to start writing our letters as well.  Besides revising the material done during the first term we will be focusing mainly on the formation of the letters.  Letters for the coming week are t and i.

We will be still working with the Jolly phonic groups however we will be writing the vertical letters first within that group.  That is why t and i.  After we finish all the group we will be able to start putting together three letter words which belong to this group.  For the children to read these words they need to know the letter sounds well and not the names.

They will be very slowly able to read words like: sit, sat, pin, pit, pat etc.  There is a technique which we use in class which I will explain later on when we start putting these letters sounds together called blending.

Letter t formation –

Step 1 – Start at the top, go down

Step 2 – and make a tail.

Step 3 – Lift the pencil and go across

Letter iformation

Step 1- Start at the top, go down

Step 2 – and make a tail.

Step 3 – Lift the pencil and dot.



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