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Term 2 Week 3 – Pattern in Music – Part 2

The children continued exploring the fascinating topic of patterns in music.

We could hear them in class during free play humming to some tune or another or trying to create a beat with the toys they were playing with.  In fact I read to them a sweet little story called Max Found Two Sticks written by Brian Pinkney .

A young boy called Max used various objects around him to create music.  Here is an on line version of the story.

The children used their bodies to recreate the beat that Max created in the book.  They really enjoyed this activity.

We also took a closer look at various instruments we can find around us by listening to the song I am the music man:

They listened to the sounds various instruments make in the following game and they created their own music beats too.


We went slightly professional and created a piece of music with various instruments by using a basic and simple programme called beatlab.  This is how it works.

The children create a beat by clicking on the various buttons found on the grid.  Each horizontal row represents an instrument.  You can then record it and listen to your little masterpiece again.  The children were really pleased with the little musical piece they created.

Here is the link below for the children to have a try.

We took a very close look at two instruments which are linked to the two new letters for week 3, v and x.  See literacy blogs for more details.


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