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Term 2 Week 1 Patterns in Nature Part 2


Pattern work is a vast topic.  It is very important that the children understand the concept as this the first step to understanding mathematics, because patterns form an intrinsic part of this subject. (See more detail in the numeracy blog).

As the week proceeded the children explored patterns by using the things found in class to create their very own patterns.  They used shapes, glues, toys, cars and colours amongst other things.  Here are photos of their little creative minds at work   🙂

We used colours and patterns at the same time to create more complex patterns.  At the end of the week we proceeded to create patterns with three objects.  Now that the children became more aware of what kind of patterns they can look out for we created a little mind map on the board of what patterns they can create.  It was surprising that they came up with an endless list!!!! Well done to you all   🙂

Here are some of the objects they would use…… toys, balloons, pencils, children, shapes, colours, balls, owls, fruit, food, chairs and tables, socks, papers…….  We created another animal craft which has patterns on its fur.  More detail in the literacy blogs. We will be working with more patterns next week.

Practice Ideas for Home

  • Use various objects at hand to create patterns of two and ask your child what is next?
  • Go out in the park and other places to look for patterns – Pattern Hunting   🙂

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