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Term 2 Week 1 Patterns In Nature Part 1


The first week of term 2 was dedicated to the topic of patterns, to be exact patterns in nature.  The children became aware that the world around them is full of patterns.

They got to know that patterns can be made out of different shapes, colours, sounds, words, music and texture.  So they would be using one or multiple senses at the same time to understand patterns.

To start understanding this topic we started off with taking a close look at various animals which have a pattern on their body such as the jaguar, the tiger, the lion’s mane, the panda, the peacock,  the zebra, the giraffe and the tortoise.

As you can read in the letter l blog we associated pattern work with the first letter for this week – l for lion where the children created the lion’s mane using one strip of orange and alternating with one strip of yellow.

During the week we used all the things around us to make patterns.  We even used ourselves.  We created a pattern with 1 child standing and the next one sitting, another pattern was one child with hands up and one child with hands down.

I also asked the children to look for patterns in the classroom and at home which we discussed during circle time.

Tasks –

  • During the coming week the children can get with them a picture or even a small piece of textured material which has a pattern on it. If we have enough we will then create a collage to be displayed in class.  So let’s get searching!
  • They can keep on looking for patterns at home in the coming week and we can talk about them when they come to school.

These are some of the video clips used in class about this topic.

Pattern Parade Song –

Kindergarten Shape Pattern Lesson –

Story time
– Pattern Fish


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