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The Nativity Story – Part 2


During our 12th week of term 1 we continued the story of The Birth Of Jesus Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.

The first part of the lesson was dedicated to a short summary of why and how Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem.

We then proceeded to Jesus being born, the three kings and other shepherds following the Northern star until they arrived to the stables.  We saw that the Kings believed Jesus to be a king who would rule their country and that is why they brought Him expensive presents.

However we saw that Jesus was a special king with important values.  We spoke about what Jesus really wants us to do as human beings.  We compared the gifts the three kings got to the values Jesus want us to use in our everyday life.  Such values are love, sharing, helping, understanding others etc.

The main part of the lesson was dedicated to the acting out of the Nativity Story.  All those who usually take the religion lesson participated.  We had Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the Inn keeper, the people, the animals, the three kings etc.

Each part was interlaced with some Christmas Carols.

  • Little Donkey –
  • Away in a manger –
  • We Three Kings –
  • Joy to The World –

The Nativity Story online –

We linked the religion story to the star shape and its properties during the numeracy activities.



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