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Last two weeks of Term 1

I am posting the work we did in class during the last two weeks of schooling for the first term.

As regards topic work we ended our Christmas theme by talking about Father Christmas and the Snowman.  These are two of the stories we watched and discussed during our circle time.

Topsy and Tim Meet Father Christmas

We used this story to revise certain shapes such as the square, the triangle and the rectangle.  We also created some Christmas crafts which you all have at home by now   🙂

This story also led us to the exposure of letter f which you will find the in the letter f folder.

The Snowman – This is another sweet story which the children really loved.

Walking in the air

This story linked us to the number 10 to be found under the numeracy section.  We also used the snowman to revise the properties of the circle and the oval.

Last but not least we read The Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.  We used this story to go through the journey of Christmas and close this topic.

The Stick Man – Julia Donaldson


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