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The Nativity Part 1


This week’s religion lesson focused on the true meaning of Christmas – The Birth of Jesus Christ.  This week we started looking at the nativity story.  We will be dividing the story into two parts.

The first part is the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem which we tackled this week.  The second part, the birth of Jesus will take place later on in the coming weeks.

I read the first part of the story from The Christmas Story Book and at the same time took out our class crib showing the characters to the children.  Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus who was still to be born, the animals and so on.

We also took a closer look at the words used in the book.  We created a parallel between what existed in those days and today.  For instance the inn was the equivalent to today’s modern hotel.  The inn keeper was the man who runs the hotel.

In Jesus’ time they had animals which they kept in a place called the stable.  The manger used to put Jesus in was truly the place where the animals ate their food from.

We saw why Mary and Joseph had to travel on the donkey to go to Bethlehem.  Why they had to travel using a donkey and not a car like we have today.  We finished the lesson by listening to some Christmas Carols.

The Nativity Story online –

Little Donkey –



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