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Term 1 Week 10 – Christmas Part 2

One of the most popular figures the children are very familiar with during this festive season is Father Christmas.

We have been mentioning him from a couple of weeks now and we even have a Santa’s hat hanging from one of our windows.

The children believe that he is watching over us from time to time to see who will be on his present list during Christmas time.

This week we took a closer look at this tradition and from where it originated without ruining the children’s beliefs of this magic man   🙂

They actually sat down for about eight minutes and watched a sweet story related to this which we then discussed:

After reading the story we went through a list of words which are associated with this character eg. North Pole, sack, reindeer, toys, elves, beard, hat, cookies and milk under the tree.

The children had some time to think and mention the present they would like to have from Santa Claus.

After the concert is over we will write a little letter to Father Christmas and draw the toy they mentioned and post it inside a small letter box for Father Christmas.

Santa’s workshop-

The Dancing Christmas Tree Song –

The children observed the various shapes presents are made from and this linked us to another numeracy concept.

The fact that Father Christmas puts these presents under the tree the night before Christmas also linked us to another letter of the alphabet.  Please take a look at the other blogs for more detail.


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