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Term 1 Week 10 – Christmas Part 1

This week was our 10th week of schooling.  There is a lot of excitement in class because it is the festive season and because we are working really hard on our concert.

The theme for this week was Christmas.  We started off the week by the children brainstorming words which are associated with Christmas.

They came up with many words the most common being, Father Christmas, presents, Christmas Tree, decorations, lights, Jesus is born, singing special songs (Christmas carols).

The children then listened to a sweet story called Mr. Willoby’s Christmas Tree:

Moral of the story – They learnt that Mr. Willoby threw out a piece of his tree but someone else benefited from this because someone else had a tree and so forth.

This also linked our topic to the fact that although we might be generous throughout the year, at this time it is lovely to be even more generous especially with the people who are less fortunate and sick.

We mentioned that that is why we have the Istrina piggy bank and the reverse advent calendar in class.

On a side note I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.  We are encouraging the children to fill up the piggy bank.  They are really excited about this.  The fact that they are donating for a worthy cause will help them become aware of how lucky they all are in their own little way.

That they can do something for other people even if they are little themselves.  So I keep encouraging those who did not donate to give even a small contribution.  Children at this age do not know the value of money but for them they are donating.  It was beautiful to see how some children who brought an amount of coins shared their own coins with those friends who did not have any so they too would be able to put in some money in the piggy bank.

Mr. Willowby’s story was also associated with our numeracy and literacy lessons.  You can find more information about this under the numeracy and literacy blog respectively.

Christmas tree song –




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