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The World Around Me – Taking Care of Our Planet – Part 2

The second phase of our topic work focused on other things we can do to help keep our Earth healthy recycling.

We mentioned that trees are very important because they give us healthy air to breathe.  So it is very important to take care of the trees that already exist and to plant new ones.

We also mentioned that a lot of trees are cut down every year because they are used for making paper and furniture amongst other things, so it is important to replace them.


First we saw how trees grow from a single seed.  Sid the Seed is one of our friends who helped us understand this idea.

Sid The Seed –

Grow little seed grow
which shows us all this.

This led us to our hands on creation – Planting the gulbiena.

This topic was linked to the religion story for this week – The Mustard Seed.  More information in the religion blog.

The concept of a seed growing into a tree was linked to the letter g.  More information in the literacy blog.



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