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The World Around Me – Taking Care of Our Planet Part 1

The theme for our topic work this week remained the same as last week – The World Around Me.  However our emphasis shifted from the solar system and facts about Earth to a much closer look at our planet and how we should take care of it.


We started our week with the story written by Tony Bonning called Another Fine Mess which sparked off our discussion as to how many different things we use in our everyday lives in order to lead a comfortable life.

This also means that we throw a lot of things away too.  A lot of rubbish which accumulates and which might damage the Earth around us.  This led us to the topic of the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The children became aware that we can reduce our waste by reusing certain materials eg. we can draw on the other side of an already used paper.  Used papers can be used to create new crafts.

We mentioned that used toys could be passed on to younger cousins, friends or the poor children.  The same can be said about out grown clothes.


This exercise made children aware of how many things we use and to think and evaluate what to throw away or pass on to others.

However it is not always possible to pass on some materials such as torn worn off clothes or used glass or plastic bottles.  On the other hand we cannot keep everything. We can still do something to help our Earth from being destroyed.

There are special bins where we can throw away things for example glass bins, plastic bins and so forth.  These in turn will be taken by special people, put into big machines and transformed into other things.

The children got to know that plastic bottles can be recycled into sweaters and socks.  Glass bottles are melted to recreate other glass bottles or to make the aggregate material that is used in roads.  Used clothes are used to make carpets.

The list is endless.






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