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Christmas Concert

Dear parents and guardians,

I want to put you in the picture as to what is currently happening regarding the concert.

I have nearly finished trying the costumes for the children which for this year will be rented out.  So you are saved the tedious job of looking for costumes yourselves.  As most of you have been told by the children the story chosen for Pre-Junior B is that of Mary Poppins.

I have split the children into three groups and each group is participating in a particular dance.  We have started rehearsals this week.  One group has started rehearsing whilst the other groups watch.   This is important for them to get the general feel of all the performance.  It also helps if they need to replace a friend who might be sick on the day.

Cost – The cost of the costume renting as well as the props we are currently preparing will amount to 15 euros per child.  Please start sending the money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, class and my name on the outside.

Over the weekend I will let you know what the children have to wear under their costume such as polo necks and tights as well as the hair style the children will need to have.


Ms. Geraldine


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