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The World Around Me – Planet Earth and my Home Town

The 2nd part of our topic work for this week focused on The Earth.


The children learnt that this is the third planet from the sun and it is considered to be one of the smaller planets.  When seen from space it is seen as blue and green in colour because it is mostly made up of water and land respectively.

We talked about the major characteristics that make up the earth, the sea, mountains and volcanoes, the animals that live in the sea and on land.

Last but not least the children mentioned us humans.  Earth is the only planet which we know of which has creatures living on it.  This song summarizes all that we spoke about.

The Earth song –

We then proceeded to have an even closer look at the countries most of the children come from.  We mentioned Hungary, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Libya and last but not least Malta amongst others.

The children learnt that Malta is shaped like a fish and it is surrounded by the sea.  That is why we call it an island.  We looked at key places in Malta such as the capital city, Valletta and Mdina.

We also saw where our school is situated and where some of the children live and marked everything on a map.  We discussed if they lived close or far away from our school.

Malta From Above –

We ended our topic work by creating the map of Malta using kite paper.  It was a pleasure seeing the children all excited as they worked together in groups.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Ms. Corinne and Ms. Christine for their hard work and dedication in making our crafts in class possible.




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