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Term 1 Week 8 The World Around Me – The Solar System

The topic work for our 8th week of schooling evolved around the world around us.  We tackled topics like the universe, with particular focus on our solar system and our own planet.


The children learnt that way beyond the dark blue sky which we see every night there are billions of stars which form galaxies.

Our world along with another seven planets and the sun is but a small speck in one of these galaxies.  This group of planets make up what we call our solar system.

The Solar System

The children learnt that the sun is in the middle of these planets.  It is like a ball of fire and the eight planets go around it getting the heat and energy they need to exist.

They got to know of a ninth planet called Pluto which is now considered as a dying planet.  It is the smallest planet furthest away from the sun so it does not get enough energy it needs.

We took a close look at these planets.  The children became familiar with their names, which of the planets are called the giant planets and which are the smaller ones.  Which of these planets are closer to the Sun or furthest away.  The children got particularly interested in the colours each planet has depending on its properties.

For example Mars is red, Uranus is sky blue, Saturn is yellowish in colour.  We focused mainly on our planet which I will talk about in the next topic blog.  The songs below sum up all the things we spoke about in class regarding the solar system and which the children really enjoyed.

The Solar System song –

The Planets song –

The children created their own planet by using a technique called marbling. We mixed various paints the colours of which represent the planets, along with shaving foam and then they dipped a circle representing the planet into this mixture.

They then brushed off the excess mixture with a ruler to leave a marble effect behind.  This is how they look like.  Their little work of art will be hanging outside our door in the coming week.


The shape of the planets led us to the circle shape.

These were tackled during the numeracy lesson.

More information in the numeracy blogs.




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