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Animal Awareness Day

Animal Awareness Day

I finally had some time to sort out the good amount of photos we took on animal awareness day!   🙂

The children were very excited about this new experience.  We started off the day with a visit from one of our class mummies, Mrs. Galea.  She brought along Princess, a cute little Persian cat.  The children enjoyed the information Ms. Galea presented via power point.  The children had the opportunity to ask her questions and to pet Princess.


The children also had the opportunity to see many other animals which were on show on the school premises amongst them Mandy’s turtle and Kay’s tortoise. Below are some photos that we took whilst visiting the animals.


As you all know you sent in some ingredients for the children to be able to create a food activity.   We decided to create a frog sandwich.  This theme was inspired by one of the characters in the book we read in class Dear Zoo mentioned in the topic work blog.


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