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Term 1 Week 6 My Family

Storytime and Discussion



Yesterday we started a new topic – My family – What is a family.  We started the lesson by seeing one of Pete the Cat’s stories – Rock on Mum and Dad written by James Dean.


Just like Pete the Cat has special people who love him very much so do we.  We have our mummies, daddies, brothers or sisters, guardians and even grandpas and grandmas.

The children learnt that although not all of us might live together in the same house they still love us. Even pets we might have are part of our family.

The children came up with different ideas of how our family loves us example parents go to work to earn money so we can have clothes, food, toys, go out to eat at a restaurant or even go on a holiday abroad.

Our family members show us that they love us by giving us a hug or a kiss, by playing with us or helping us learn new things.

The children also came up with ideas of how to show the people who take care of us that they love them.  They mentioned giving them hugs and kisses.  We emphasized the fact that children should help at home by clearing the toys and maybe laying out the table before dinner.  Above all listening and obeying what they tell us because they love us.  When we don’t understand we ask them the reason why and not stamp our feet and cry.

Another factor we mentioned is that although we love our mummies, daddies and guardians very much we need to give them their own space  (We call space as having our own bubble around us in class).

For example we should sleep in our own bed because mummy might fall off the bed and get hurt.  We fussed on having lovely bedrooms with cute toys to keep us company and maybe a little light so not to be in the dark.

If we feel scared we can cuddle up with our favourite soft toy and try and go to sleep.  We also mentioned that soothers or better known as dummies are for babies not for children in pre-junior.  We need to try and be brave and throw them away   🙂

Hope this class discussion with the children helped some parents who are finding it difficult for their children to sleep in their own room.

If you have other similar concerns just blog them or tell us in the morning.  I will try my best to include them along with our topic work.





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