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Term 1 Week 6 Back to School after the Holidays

Storytime and Discussion


Our sixth week of schooling was very short.  After a couple of holidays, some children find it difficult to return into the school routine.  This is the topic we tackled after the mid-term holidays.

The children expressed their feelings about coming back to school. I must say I was very pleased to see the children return with a smile and enthusiasm and the positive feeling there was amongst them returning back.

The only thing that was a common negative factor is that they have to wake up very early.  This led us to our first story and main character of the week Pete the Cat.  The children learnt why this cat loves going to school through a story they watched on the interactive whiteboard – Pete the cat, Rocking in my School Shoes by Eric Litwin.

Just like Pete the Cat even we have many fun planned things for the days and months to come.  The biggest event of all is the Christmas concert.

We are going to use music just like Pete the Cat to learn how to dance on stage and give a big surprise to our mummies, daddies and guardians.

I spoke briefly about this year’s concert theme.  The children learnt that every year we have a different message for our whole Junior Concert.  The message this year is Meraki, a Greek word which means doing something with soul, love, and creativity.

I also explained this in terms of the theme we chose for our class – Mary Poppins.  Both Mary Poppins and Pete the Cat have these special qualities which linked us to our literacy lesson, because the letters we did this week are also very special.

(See the literacy Section for more details).




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