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Christmas Concert – Important Note

Dear parents and guardians,

My class team and myself have currently started working on the Christmas Concert which will be held on the 10th of December 2016 early afternoon.

The concert will last about an hour and a half.   Exact time will be announced later.

In order for me to assign the roles to the children and plan costumes I need to know who of your children will be able to attend OR won’t be able to make it on the day due to other commitments.

I would really appreciate it if you send me an email in this regard.

Thanks for your co-operation

Ms. Geraldine


17 thoughts on “Christmas Concert – Important Note

  1. Dear Ms Geraldine,

    Hope that my email finds you well.

    This is to confirm that my son Loai Abdel Rahman is going to attend to Christmas Concert which is going to held on the 10th December 2016

    Best regards


    Mrs Laila Sekkaki
    Secretary to
    The Director for Educational Services
    Secretariat for Catholic Education
    16, The Mall Floriana
    Mob: 99894176


  2. Hello Ms. Geraldine,

    This is to confirm that Hailey Micallef will be taking part in the Christmas concert.

    Thanks and Regards
    Maria Micallef


  3. Mandy will be in 4 the concert will pay all cost but i lf i have to buy her a costume would like now as i work and mandy has a lot of appointmenpas have to find the time to buy it

    Thanks sara

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    1. Hi Ms. Fenech. We teachers buy or hire the costumes so the children would look the same. What I might ask for is a pair of tights or similar accessories. Will let everybody know as soon as I get everybody’s reply.

      Ms. Geraldine


  4. Hi ms Geraldine

    Am the mummy of Elias Cutajar,he will be coming for the Christmas concert

    Thanks best regards Lisa Sent from my iPhone


  5. Dear Ms Geraldine,

    I would like my son Mason to participate in th christmas concert


    Mandy Fitzgerald

    Sent from Samsung tablet


  6. Hello Ms. Geraldine,

    This is to confirm that Osayma will be attending the concert on the 10th of December.

    Your efforts are highly appreciated.

    Thank you


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