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Term 1 Week 5 Number 5

Number 5 is the new number for this week.

During the topic work we spoke about the witch’s hat in the book Room on The Broom.  We mentioned that the hat is a magical one like all witches’ hats.  So the children decorated an orange hat with some magic dust (glitter) and stuck 5 stars on top.

Wilf our robot showed the children to successfully count till 5.

  • Step 1 – Point or pick each object one at a time. In this case the star stickers.
  • Step 2 – Say each number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Step 3 – Say stop. We cannot keep on saying the numbers if there are only 5 objects (stars).

(Whilst counting objects on a paper we can also cut them out one by one to avoid counting them more than once).

To help us learn the formation of number 5 we use three ways.

  • Number Story – We have animals for every number.

Mrs. Duck helps us see the shape of number 5 –

Mrs. Duck has 5 little ducklings.  They went for a swim on the lake because it was a very hot day.  The 5 little ducklings wondered off and mummy duck could not see them anymore.

She was very worried and  went to look for them.  Her feathers were all flustered and soaking wet because of the heat.  She had to wear a hat to protect her head.



  • 5 little ducks nursery rhyme –


  • To remember the formation of this number we can use the shape of Mrs. Duck. This is what we say:
  1. Start at the eye
  2. Go down the neck
  3. Go round the body to wipe her feathers dry
  4. Lift
  5. Hat on head


  • We also had the number five rhyme to help us see the formation of this number.


  • The children were also exposed to the numicon shape which helps them see the value of five. The children were also given table top counters such as buttons, bottle caps, blocks and interconnecting camels to count till 5.  They also practiced their counting skills on the interactive whiteboard by playing various games.



Now the children got used to using the number scrapbook.  They rainbow coloured the number 5 as well as coloured in a ghost on this same book.

They put 5 dots at the bottom of the ghost using cotton buds and paint, counting 5 in the process.

Practice Ideas for Home

  • It is important that you practice the numbers done so far by using the animal stories and the rhymes so the children become more confident in their number work.
  • They can draw various objects on a piece of paper or small whiteboard, count them and help them write the corresponding value using rice, flour and sand saying the story or rhyme in the process. Please praise every little effort the children make.  If they do mistakes just correct them with no fuss at all and tell them to try it again together.  Repetition, practice and praise help build their confidence.



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