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Term 1 Week 5 Nocturnal Animals


During week 5 we also spoke about animals which are portrayed in Halloween stories.  Usually these are creatures that stay awake during the night.

These are the animals the children came up with: bats, owls, and cats.  We saw pictures of these animals as well as spoke about why they remain awake at night and what they hunt for.  The children also mentioned other animals which stay awake at night but which are not usually found in Halloween stories such as hedgehogs, badgers and rats.

As part of the topic work we created bats with toilet rolls and kite paper.  The children learnt that bats hang upside down and have triangular shaped wings.  This fact linked us to the numeracy shapes concept – triangles.  (More details about the triangle topic is found under numeracy section).

Our class bats are hanging on our wall in class !!!!


Home Fun Ideas

Nocturnal animals could be one of the topics you could discuss at home with your children during these mid-term holidays.  You could also research some simple fun facts together and create a craft.

Enjoy   🙂



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