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Term 1 Week 5 Halloween

Halloween Week

Storytime and Discussion


This week’s topic work was based on the theme of Halloween.  We started off the week with reading the story of Julia Donaldson, Room on the Broom.  This is a very good story because it makes children listen to rhyming words and so become aware of rhyming word patterns which will eventually help them in their reading.

We talked about the characters in the book and how some of these characters feature in many Halloween stories such as the witch, the broom, the cauldron, the cat, dragons and funny monsters etc.

We also spoke about the witch’s magic hat which linked us to the first letter that the children were exposed to this week – h for hat.  (You will find the explanation of letter sound h in the under the literacy section.)

The children loved the animated part the most.  They were given little finger puppets with the pictures of the characters printed on them.  Whenever the words depicted on the finger puppet are mentioned they had to put up their puppet finger.  This helped them listen carefully to what was being read.


This lesson ended with the children colouring in a picture of the witch and all the characters on the broom and also creating their own magic wand which is hanging outside our class room along with the square cat.


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