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Term 1 Week 4 – My pet and animals I like



Dear Zoo

As you all know this week was a special week at school because it was dedicated to animal awareness and to how should love and take care of our pets and other animals.

We started the week by reading the story of Rod Campbell, Dear Zoo.  The children learnt that although we might like many animals not all animals can be kept as pets.  Animals like the lion, giraffe, monkey, elephant and snake are better off in the jungle because this is the type of place (habitat) they are happy in.

We also discussed which animals we are more likely to keep at home and what we should do to take care of them.  It is important that we also find time to play with them in a gentle way.

We chose one of the characters in the story and created a headband for animal awareness day.  The animal chosen was the frog.  I showed the children some pictures of various types of frogs.

They became aware that frogs could be of different colours and have different coloured spots.  The children then proceeded to finger paint their headband which they all got home on Wednesday.

Here is the story of Rod Campbell – Dear Zoo.

Rrralph The Dog

Another book the children enjoyed was called Rrralph the dog written by Lois Ehlert.  This book talks about Rrralph which becomes the pet to a family.  This led us to our show and tell in class.  I was so proud listening and watching the children tell us about their pets or animals they like.  Well done to all.

The link below will lead you to the story of Rrralph.

Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker

This is another lovely story which the children now watched on the interactive whiteboard.  Square Cat was not quite happy with the way she looked and she wanted to be like her friends.  This story is linked to one of the numeracy topics of this week.  You will find more information under the numeracy section.


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