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Week 3 – All about Me


During this week we continued working on the topic All About Me.

We had a little discussion in class about the food that we like eating and the food the children dislike.  One of the things that the children learned was that we just cannot say we don’t like eating something before actually tasting it.

We then proceeded to sticking the pictures that you kindly sent from home on their All About Me workbook.

We linked the topic work to the numeracy section where we saw that we have 1 mouth with which we eat our food.  We also have two eyes to see our food with and so on.  We worked a couple of pages on the All About Me workbook as well.

Taking Care of Ourselves

Another section we tackled was how important it is to take care of ourselves.  We discussed what we should do to keep ourselves clean.

We emphasized the importance of brushing our teeth every day in the morning and in the evening and also after eating some sweets.  The children created a craft linked with numeracy and keeping our teeth clean on their number craft book where they had to stick the different features onto a face and counting in the process.

They also coloured and stuck a toothbrush to emphasize the importance of cleaning our teeth.


As part of this exercise the children had big teeth cutouts which we pretended had germs and they had to ‘clean’ them up.  In this process they were learning how to wait for their turn.

This topic work linked us to one of the new letters of this week letter t sound.  More details in the literacy section.


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