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All About Me Part 2

Week 3 – All about Me – Manners and relating to other.


As part of our All About Me topic we also tackled manners and relating to others.

We animated the story of Goldilocks and the three bears which teaches us that we have to respect others and their belongings.  We discussed that we have to ask permission to touch other people’s things.

Each person has his or her personal space.  I described this to the children as each person having their own bubble around them and we cannot get too close before asking.

We expanded the subject as to the way we have to address people with good morning, good bye, please and thank you where necessary.

The children also played a game on the interactive whiteboard where they had to sequence the story of Goldilocks using pictures.

Below is the link to an on line version of Goldilocks and the three bears story.

Goldilocks Bear Song

This story also linked us to the numeracy concept of big, medium and small.  More details in the numeracy section.

Emphasis was also put onto other kinds of manners like coughing and sneezing where we have to cover our mouth or nose by using a tissue or our elbow.

The letter sound n for nose was the link to the other letter sound the children explored this week.  More details in the literacy section.

Our Senses 

The last part of the topic work for this week was using our senses.  We saw and discussed each and every one of the five senses and what they are used for.  We worked on the All About Me as part of this exercise.


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