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Term1 Week2 – Letter a

During the second week we also worked on letter a.  Since the topic was friends at school we took alligator Tom as Spot the dog’s friend – a for alligator.  We sponge painted the alligator’s face on the scrap book and painted in letter a.

We also saw if we had friends in class whose name started with the letter a sound.  We then moved on to other objects starting with a, such as airplane, airport, ant, arm and arrow.  The children also played some games with letter a on the interactive whiteboard.

The jolly phonics story for the letter a sound is this.

A family is going for a picnic.  The children help pack some apples, sandwiches and a blackberry pie.  At the picnic the children feel something tickling them.  Some ants are crawling up their arms.  They jump up shouting a/a/a/


Jolly Phonic Rhyme Letter a sound


  • Start at the top
  • Curve
  • Go up
  • Go Down
  • And Tail

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