Posted in Numeracy

Term 1 Week 2 – Numbers 0, 1

During this second week intertwined with our themes we find our numbers.

During this week we spoke about number zero vs number 1.  We saw how a lunchbox can be empty so there are zero items in it as opposed to having 1 item in it such as 1 sandwich.

We practiced counting 1 using various objects in class such as blocks, crayons and the number 1 numicon shape.

How can the children be successful in counting their numbers

  • Step 1 – Point to the object.
  • Say the number example 1.
  • Say stop. (We cannot keep on saying the numbers if there is only 1 object).

We also had rhymes to help us see the formation of these numbers

The children also painted 0 and 1 with paint on their number scrapbooks.  They also used play dough and play dough mats to form and count these numbers.


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