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Term 1 Week 2 – Number 2

During this second week the children started learning about number 2.

We started using this number during our topic time of All About Me.  We saw that we have two eyes, two ears, two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet. We moved on to counting other objects and stopping at number 2.

How can the children be successful in counting their numbers?

  • Step 1 – Point to the object.
  • Step 2 – Say the number example 2.
  • Step 3 – Say stop. (We cannot keep on saying the numbers if there is only 2 objects).

We also had the number two rhymes to help us see the formation of this numbers

The children also drew number 2 with paint on their number scrapbooks.   They hand printed their two hands and also used play dough and play dough mats to form number 2 and count two apples.  The children also played a counting game on the interactive whiteboard.

You can play games at home with the children by counting steps, cutlery when setting the table, toys and many other objects around the house and out and about.



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