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Week 2 – Growing Up and Going to School

Week 2 – Growing Up and Going to School

The first three days of this week we continued developing the topic “growing up and going to school”.

During circle time we saw that all living things grow.  We took the example of the caterpillar which changes from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.  I read the story of The hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle.

The children learnt that it is okay to grow up.  We saw that just like the caterpillar even we grow up.  First we were babies.  We could not walk but we just drank milk and slept at this stage of our life.  Each day we grew a little bit more just like the caterpillar and started crawling, walking and running.

The baby clothes were too small.  We started to understand things better than before. Each day that passes is just like a little adventure where we learn more and more.  That is why we are presently in pre-junior.

We also saw the photos that you sent in during show and tell, where all the children said a sentence or two about themselves.

They were really proud to show their photos to their friends.  Thank you for your co-operation which made all this possible.

On Wednesday we focused more on our friends at school.  We saw how in the story of Spot the dog goes to school, Spot makes new friends.  We played a game where we said our names and mentioned a friend who is presently in our class.

We also welcomed the newcomers in class.  We also looked at the rules of how we should behave with our friends, eg  we should play and share toys with our friends.  We should not push, pull or hurt them.  We should help our friends if they need something.

The children watched the song – A friend.



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