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Week 1 – Going To School

Week 1 – Going to School

As you know by now for this first week we tackled the topic going to school.  We spoke about how much our mummy loves us and takes care of us.

We read the story The Kissing Hand where we saw that a little raccoon was going to school for the first time and to reassure him his mum gave her little raccoon a kiss on his hand and told him that everything was going to be fine.

We also saw how our mummies, daddies and guardians reassure us by preparing our things for school and hug and kiss us before they drop us off.  The children finished the lesson by doing their hand print.  Below is the link to the story written by Barbara Bain:

We also met Spot the dog who went to school for the first time.  He is a special friend of ours as his name starts with the first letter sound we are learning, ssss.

We learnt that we have two children in class whose names start with s –  Sam and Silvio. This led us to the literacy part of the lesson where we took out some items from our magic letter s bag eg. stickers, snake, spider, sponge, scarf, saucepan etc.  We will continue talking about letter sound s next week.

We then linked the topic work to the numeracy part of the lesson where we saw that in the book we find 1 Spot, with 1 school bag, with 1 spot on its back. We will expand on this number next week.  To finish off the lesson we coloured in Spot the dog and stuck 1 spot on the dog’s back.  Below is the link to the book Spot the Dog by Eric Hill.

Besides these activities the children played with play dough, with social toys and in the play areas outside.


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