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Settling In

Settling In and Routine Songs

Dear parents and guardians,

The first two days of schooling have already passed.  I believe these are the most two difficult days both for you and for the children.  The children might be anxious and scared to meet new faces, new teachers and not knowing what to expect.

As parents and guardians you want your children to feel happy and safe.  I must say I am very pleased with how the first two days turned out.  We had a few tears but these were soon forgotten with various activities we had planned for the children.


The children were introduced to some of the class rules which are important to be followed for the smooth running of the class.

  • There is a time to play, learn and explore, a time to listen, and a time to speak. In class we cannot just get up and take some toys whenever we feel like. The visual timetable helps in this regard for them to understand how our day is going to be like.
  • The children also learned how to sit on the carpet for circle time with legs crossed and hand on knees. We sit like this to avoid anyone stepping on each other’s fingers.
  • It is important to say please and thank you when we want something or are given something respectively.
  • No pushing or hitting. Hands are for hugging, eating and playing.
  • It is okay to do mistakes. We can learn from our mistakes.
  • It is important to say sorry when we do mistakes. It makes us feel better.
  • We clean our messes like papers and tissues.
  • We clean our hands after eating, going to the bathroom and painting.
  • We put the toys away after playing.
  • We walk to the outdoor areas one after the other like a train.
  • We say good morning or wave to the teachers when in the school corridors.
  • We take care of the library books and not throw them or tear them.

Mrs. Owl our little soft toy mascot in class reminds us from time to time of these rules.

  • They are also learning the Morning Prayer (If I were a butterfly) and some other songs which we are presently introducing in class. Below you will find the link to these songs if you want to sing them together at home or use them as part of your discussion about starting school.

The Morning Prayer – The Butterfly Song

The Good Morning Routine Song

The Clean Up Song

The Goodbye Song

Enjoy   🙂


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