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Important Notes


As you all know we spoke to you about lunches and their content during the parents’ meeting.

Today children had nutella sandwiches, chocolates, and gran pavesi fingers and chocolate croissants, even though we clearly advised these kinds of foods are to be avoided.

If you have any doubt as regards what to give the children in their lunch boxes just ask me.


Each day you will find the red covered copybook in your child’s bag.  This is one of our means of communication.  When I write a note it will be left open in the folder for you to read.  Please do the same if you want to write something back.  This copybook has to be in the school bag every day.

Labelled Items

We have an unlabeled cardigan in class., so if anyone is missing one please let me know.  Please label your child’s items as this will help us a great deal.

Thank you for your co-operation


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