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Welcome to School

It was a pleasure meeting most of you once again as well as meeting those parents who could not make it to the parents’ meeting last week.

The highlight of the morning was meeting your little ones.  I started to put names and new faces together.  Please help me in the coming days by sending the children with the little star I gave them so we get used to their names.

We started the year with our topic, Welcome to School in a Fun Way, by reading the story The Old Lady Swallowed Some Books.  Below you will find the link to the book if the children want to hear it again.


We then moved on to linking the topic work with the literacy lesson – the school bag in the story starts with letter sound s.  These are the steps to follow when looking for this sound.


We also wrote the letter sound s in the sand.  When doing this these are the words to say “make a curve, then curve back again like a snake”.

We ended the lesson by creating our little school bag which will be stuck on our literacy scrapbook.

Thank you for your participation in class. I look forward to working with your children during this new scholastic year   🙂


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